• Company reserves its right to cancel the booking being made by you or even amend the same, if necessary without assigning any reasons thereof. Such amendment or cancellation may be due to circumstances beyond the control of the company. As per the policy of the company, the company in its best endeavors shall book alternate Hotels for you, after confirming the dates with you. However, at no point of time shall our Company shall be responsible or liable to pay any compensation or damage or any other expense or business loss suffered by you due to the cancellation or amendment of the tour package booked by you.
    • In case you wish to cancel the tour package booked, you must notify us in writing through email. Only after the receipt of the same by our company staff, it shall be deemed that the said communication has been received by our company.
    • The cancellation charges shall apply, irrespective of the reason for cancellation whatsoever, including medical emergency or pregnancy. You understand and acknowledge that these charges are genuine and are the pre-estimate of the damages that our Company will suffer on account of cancellation being made by you. Further in group bookings, if the cancellations are being made due to any reasons, it shall increase the cost of the entire group which cost cannot be burdened upon other group members traveling, so the cancellation charges are on higher side in order to mitigate that loss which the company has to bear on account of you not traveling. However, our company in its best endeavor tries to mitigate the loss as minimum as possible on you in terms of the cancellation policy. You further univocally understand that the said cancellation charges shall be paid by you without any dispute and the same are explained to you at the time of finalization of the itinerary. If the tour is 100% confirmed and delivered there shall be 100% Cancellation charges.
    • Granting and rejection of VISAS is the sole discretion of embassy. Our Company only acts as a facilitator for obtaining the VISA. The company shall, under no circumstances, be held liable or responsible for rejection of VISAS and any other related incidental or consequential loss, damage, cost or expense. You are required to submit copy of VISA granted to you.
    • If the rejection of VISA is intimated by the embassy within the cancellation period specified above, then the cancellation charges as appearing shall be applicable. You are required to submit Refusal of VISA to us. For the purpose of ascertaining the applicable cancellation rates, the cancellation under this head will be deemed to have been made only when we receive the intimation of VISA rejection from the embassy. Subsequently, if you choose to re-apply for the VISA, then in that case the cancellation charges if any, shall be borne by you from the date of second refusal, if any. If in case we have received no intimation from the embassy of accepting of VISA application before the departure date of the tour, then in that case the maximum cancellation charges shall apply.
    • The tour package booked by you, can be canceled for want of balance payment of tour package, wherein after subsequent request you have failed to deposit the balance payment In such a case we reserves the rights to cancel the tour package and shall recover the balance amount, if any from you after adjusting the advance received.
    • Please note that after applying the cancellation policy, if there is any amount which is to be refunded it shall be remitted only by way of a cheque which shall be drawn in the name of the person whose name the booking is made. Company shall not take any request of remittance of the amount to any third party or of remittance in form of cash as the same is against the company policy.
    • We hold our right to charge a processing fee which shall be 5% of package cost, if booking is withdrawn by you even 5 minutes after confirmation of booking reference number being communicated to you from our end. Once confirmation is conveyed normal cancellation charges shall be applied.

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